Further Evolution of the Little Vardo

We just put another couple thousand miles on the Little Green Vardo.  It’s always an adventure when you are pulling something like this around the country and it makes for some interesting conversations.

Campground in Cortez, Colorado.

Most of the people we meet are great but the comments are sometimes a little difficult.  Of course, the number one question from most people is “what does it weigh?”  Not that the numbers mean much to them but it just sounds like something to ask.  Another favorite is “does it leak a lot?”  I guess this is a reasonable question for someone.  If my house leaked, I hope I would remedy it pretty quickly.

What we look like going down the road.

It’s great to get all the smiles, nods, and waves from other travelers.  It must say something that out of the thousands of vehicles you might see on a trip, only a few evoke any real response.  It’s hard to get gas or take a break without having a real conversation about it with someone.  While getting coffee in a small Colorado town a watched a woman burst out of an office door across the road and sprint across a busy four-lane road just to have a peak.  It was flattering when she said “I know you from the Internet! I’m a huge fan of tiny homes and little campers!”

Another fun interaction happen in Monticello, Utah when an elderly man came running out from a house to talk about Sheep Wagons.  His wife grew up in one and wanted to have her own after they retired.  As this was a tall order, he built her this beautiful scale model sheep camp complete with tiny dutch oven, pans, tools, a broom, and even a tiny fried egg.

Looks like I need a different hitch.

Maybe, not too long from now, I’ll be able to take to the road for a longer adventure.

IMG_0197Coming home to Purgatory, New Mexico with a list of improvements and a slew of minor changes to the Vardo.  I can’t wait for the cooler weather to make this happen.

2 thoughts on “Further Evolution of the Little Vardo

  1. I finally have a tow vehicle and am saving up for a wooden home on wheels I can use a woodstove in, but sometimes I think I should put a stove (low emission, like the Unforgettable Fire stoves) in a reguar camper and line the inside with thin cedar paneling, so as not to attract so much attention by being so damn attractive. Man – it really hits a button. People see what is missing in their lives. It is like when people get to eat real home cooking. Such quality.

    You have a great design there. I want to use it as my base, but make it a little longer. I just need to find someone to build it for me because I am not set up to do it, but I could finish it out. I have been experimenting already with simple water, waste, laundry, and sleeping systems.

    And then I hope to go to Rabbitstick and Winter Count.

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