Bamboo Arrow Instructable

I just posted a “how to” for bamboo arrows on Instructables.  It is impossible to teach a complete class in this way but I’ve done what I can.

fletchIf you have an interest in arrowsmithing, have a look by clicking the arrows above.

5 thoughts on “Bamboo Arrow Instructable

  1. Thanks so much for doing this.. I plan on downloading everything you post there… I have been hoping you would do this with all your skills….

  2. The increased advertising on your blog is discouraging me from visiting. I enjoy your content and would like to continue viewing your site. Would you consider removing or reducing the ads so that your readership can find respite from our societies endless exposure to advertising and capitalism? It does seem in contrast with the “paleo” moniker.

    1. Thank you for that comment and I think I agree. WordAds offered me a few small amount of money to offset my fees and initially there was just the one. However, this has spiraled into something I didn’t want. For a few days the ads were even over the top of my images. I will see what I can do to find a compromise.

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