Cargo Trailer Conversion

A cool conversion I saw on Tiny House America:

cargo1Virtually everything folds away and you still have a cargo trailer when needed.  This was my initial plan before building the vardo but, well, you-know, one thing led to another, the wood got out of control, plans were pulled out of old notebooks and the gypsy wagon as we know it was born.

cargo2Nice and clean look here but I’d miss my cozy interior.  This however, is a great, straight-forward design that could work for many people and is incognito from the outside.

4 thoughts on “Cargo Trailer Conversion

  1. That’s pretty much exactly where I’m going to do when I get my cargo trailer plain and simple. Looks really clean not a lot of stuff inside still roomie

  2. Where can I find the plans for this conversion. I want to learn more about this, Bed cupboards and even benches. Love the idea and its so simple and clean.

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