Kitchen Box

This is one of those “in progress” posts.

The little home is never done.  I don’t expect it ever will be and I think that’s great.  Trying to approach a balance that will be perfect enough to live in yet stay within the reality of time, money, and general laziness.  Since the beginning, I have wanted an exterior kitchen on the vardo but, at first, I was obsessed with size and weight (or lack thereof).  Over the last few months I decided to jump in on the project but, being determined to spend as little money as possible, I awaited materials to appear.

See the wasted space here?

Still determined to keep the weight as low as possible, I piled up the kitchen basics on my floor and figured out an approximate volume.  Two small stoves, a kettle, coffee pot, cafetiere, a couple of cooking pots, tea tins, coffee cans, and some miscellaneous space.  A few essential cooking utensils for good measure.  Not much really.  I decided I can store the less frequently used implements inside the truck or in the tool boxes of the wagon.  With that examination made, the final design was almost infinitely more simple than my initial thoughts (which contained shelves, niches, and little drawers that only add weight but some real coolness, to the overall box).  These may be added later though.  So here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

DSC_0066Upcycling some old pine 1 x 12″ shelving boards, I decided to use these as the basic building unit and the building began.  Essentially, I created a box about 33″ tall by 21″ wide with two morticed-in shelves.  I wanted a fold down shelf to cook on when on the roadside or at a temporary campground and for this, I found a couple hinges off an old secretary desk (I save lots of hardware) and old steel drawer pull that came in a box of junk from some auction years ago.  To attach the door, an old piano hinge that needed a little scraping a brushing to remove some ancient enamel paint was located and brushed up.

Cleaned-up piano hinge being installed.
Old steel industrial drawer pull being installed with some recycled stainless screws.
The door will serve as a wind block for food prep or cooking.
Still some tweaking and finishing up to do before we hit the road but it’s finally coming together.
While I ponder how to lock it up in a more secure way, a small latch from an old box does the trick for the moment.

I should mention here that I did buy star-drive, stainless steel screws for the construction so I’m now into the project for about $6.00 of real money.  More to follow soon I hope!

7 thoughts on “Kitchen Box

  1. Sweet! I love your vardo. I wonder if I could build one with all hand tools. I have been eyeing flatbeds lately so I would not have to tow. I cannot see myself in an RV but I want something more comfortable to sleep in than the Honda Civic. I should probably find someone who has time to build me ssomething, but not a full -on Tumblewood type deal. Simple is good.

      1. Is that a kerosene stove? I once had a similar one with arabic writing on it. Best stove ever, until kerosene bacame difficult for me to find and smelly to travel with. I am referring to the brass one in the lovely box. Great little cabinet. So simple.

      2. Yes, that’s an old paraffin/kerosene stove. That design is Swedish I think but copied all over the world. I use purified lamp oil usually as it is a lot less smelly.

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