2 thoughts on “Cycles and Accessories, 1907

  1. So excited were we, when you first introduced this book: The Army and Navy catalogue 1907, that we bought two copies, in order to replicate old designs for bags, beds, knives and other inspiring classic items.
    We have played awhile and now could sell this beautiful book if anyone is interested. (We are on the European side of the world). Thankyou for your loveliness.

    1. Cheers to that. I found it completely by accident while looking for something completely unrelated in the university library. I could have easily skipped it as it didn’t even sound that exciting by the cover. Once I opened it, I knew I needed to look at it for designs. I’ve scanned huge sections for myself (which led me to think that other makers would like it too). Glad you found it useful. Keep up all your good work. I’m on the far side of the far continent across the pond.

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