Speaking of Distance Archery

653 meters!


Mónus József here is a multiple record-holder in Hungarian traditional long-distance archery. In an archery contest in inner Mongolia, he made a successful 653m shot (nearly half a mile) with his home-made bow.

Click the link to see the original page or HERE for more information about Hungary.

3 thoughts on “Speaking of Distance Archery

  1. Reblogged this on 323 Archery Shoot and commented:
    Good LORD! As bad as my vision has been getting, I’m not sure I could SEE a target that far away with the 6x lense in my CBE. (The clarifier drops the magnification to 4x…)

  2. That’s impressive, very impressive.

    There’s a story about how when Chinggis Xaan was selecting his generals he had them shoot at target from what worked out to half a mile away, and choose those who came closest. I never really was sure how accurate that was, but this makes it seem pretty possible!

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