Ultra Uber Lightweight Vardo

Here is an excellent example of minimalist housing design.  A bicycle pulled miniature vardo that can collapse into a low-profile trailer for the road if needed.


It’s an admirable design that appears to have gone through a couple design changes from two wheeled to four wheeled.  It could be a very inexpensive shelter that is dry and off the ground.  Clearly this guy is a fan of human power and innovative design.

DSCN3031 DSCN3029Click any photo above to see more at his website.

He also has a build page for his impressive Velomobile here.



4 thoughts on “Ultra Uber Lightweight Vardo

  1. This was created by a friend of mine in Oregon. He originally started this project because the city passed a law forbidding camping without a car or camper. For the homeless this was a real problem, so my friend decided to try and come up with an inexpensive camper that those in need could make that would keep them out of the weather so they would stay healthier. I think he did a bang up job personally. On another note I love your site and keep up the good work!

    1. I’ve got something like this on the drawing board. Not entirely collapsible, lowerable. I’d like to know if his has any brakes, and how the front steering is designed. We have similar restrictions on the rise for camping. They recently banned any campfires, BBq’s, and any combustion equipment from the largest open space on the river. They want to stamp out independence

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