New Acquisitions

I don’t buy a lot of tools but this past week added one old, one new, and created one to add to my pile.


I found this old shoe anvil at out local pawn shop/junk store last weekend and couldn’t pass it up.  It will help with my ever increasing level of shoemaking and might just serve as a rivet set for other leather projects.

ImageI used an Amazon gift card I received for christmas to purchase a Mora curved knife I’ve had on my wish list for some time.  I can’t wait to start making spoons again.


And finally, I have nearly finished a buck-saw that’s been lingering in my mind for some time now.  This is it assembled, having sawed a log just to be sure it worked, but lots of finishing touches will need to be added to be a suitable tool.  I’ll round the edges and spruce it up with some carving I think, but for now, it makes a nice take-down saw.  Total spent: about $20 US.


About George Crawford

archaeologist, archer, primitive technologist, and wannabee musician ... mostly
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7 Responses to New Acquisitions

  1. Roger Dorr says:

    Nice work on the saw! If you are looking for shoe anvils, I will keep my eye out for you. I see them from time to time. I also have a cobbler’s hammer I could part with if you were interested.

  2. Ron says:

    That shoeanvil is a great find, even if you’d only use it as a doorstop or decorational piece! The Mora knife will need some work in order to get it to work properly, becuase the bevels are not right, but that saw is a real treat to look at! If it works as good as it looks, you have a gem at hands.

  3. William Thompson says:

    As usual, a perfect and wonderful job…

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