The next step in finishing the pack frame…


Here’s a detailed photo of the naked frame with an initial coat of oil & pine-tar coating.  This will weatherproof the whole thing and make the rawhide less appealing to critters (I caught my dog licking one of the lashings this morning).  This mixture is about 60% boiled linseed oil and 40% Stockholm pine-tar, an ancient coating used on just about everything in pre-industrial northern Europe.  It should dry in a day or two and be ready for a second thin coat later in the week.

7 thoughts on “Varnish

  1. Hello,

    Could I recommend “Land Ark,” we use it on everything from our timber frame project, green furniture to things like your pack frame. The one drawback with some varnishes, they can cause the leather to crack in time. I like just plan oils most of the time with some bees wax. but if you want a natural varnish, try the Landark. I process my own raw hide and sinew, where do you get yours?

    Regards, jay

    1. Thanks for the comments. If you are asking about rawhide and sinew, I process my own, or occasionally get sinew from a friend who processes a lot of elk. The oil and pine tar I mix up myself. I mix up my own waxes, dubbin, varnishes, etc. these days and try not to buy much.

  2. Looks beautiful george and just for your info. for someone like me i can not use linseed oil and i can detect it smell it and get affected for even 8 years plus after it is used oh my!
    Best for you and all in this new Era Marta

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