Thoughts on the External Frame Pack (reblog)

I hope its not TOO lame reblogging other people’s posts but this is just too ON TARGET. Check out his blogs.


Learning from the past is important and I sometimes think about this from a design perspective. Can we learn from old traditional designs, or techniques and apply them to modern design? Is all primitive design and technology inferior?

I believe that at the very least learning about old ways can provide us with food for thought, a comparison to our new directions and if necessary can inform any necessary adjustments to our course and design thinking.

External frame backpacks are interesting not only of their more versatile modularity, but also because the structural component of the pack is clearly visible and offers a great opportunity to any designer wanting to explore structural innovation. Designing compelling structural elements from diverse materials such as wood, aluminium, or even carbon fiber is something I think most designers live to do.

Every designer and their creativity draws from all forms of knowledge and inspiration…

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6 thoughts on “Thoughts on the External Frame Pack (reblog)

  1. Greetings, the external frame pack link is certainly comprehensive. I am motivated to make one now. I was looking at packs at REI and was utterly nonplussed. Thanks for the kick in the pants to go with my gut. I am traveling to Taos next week. Any reccomendations? I have some steel trade points for you if you are making arrows . Thanks! joe, 510 590 2845

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    1. My only advice is “dive in”. Rawhide is the way to go. If you’ve not worked it before, after soaking it and lashing, let it dry overnight or longer. Then re-wet it with nearly boiling water (I use a tea kettle to control it) and let dry again. It will be very tight in the end. Getting the fit right is the tough part but you can always get measurements from other pack frames. I may be tempted by arrow points. Tell me more. And I love Taos.

      1. Rawhide. I will find some. I have worked with lashings on the Greenland kayak, and bamboo pegs. My trade points are from 035 x 1″ band saw blades. L6 steel, light, sharp, effective. They are flat, so I can mail them,

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