Vardo Panorama

A few mosaic panoramas to give a “feel” of the Vardo interior.  Click the images for larger a version.


The bed and table retracted for maximum space.

Port side.

4 thoughts on “Vardo Panorama

  1. So, I’m looking at a 10 footer, more or less…. what changes/ additions would you make for longer term use, and just from a “damn, next time I’ll….” perspective? The graph paper is starting to get a good work out….

    1. Hi Jim,
      Glad you’re nearly getting to work. My only real change I want for the long term is the extra two feet of floor space. Although I really love mine, building the ten footer for Jack made me envy the extra space, especially if you want to sit indoors with friends in bad weather. With the extra space, you can accommodate a small kitchenette or counter space.

      1. Much thanks. Yeah, a bit of counter space seems like it would make things quite a bit more ‘homey’. What size tires are you running on your wagon? Can’t quite shake the idea of having interchangeable spares with the Toyota, we’ll see if that is workable or not.

      2. Mine are 205/75 R14s. I bought good trailer tires. It would be great to have them the same as the truck but I would have to lift the whole thing a bit. I have considered this too. You should go for it, especially since you live in a remote area.

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