4 thoughts on “Vespa Love

  1. If you do Facebook, look up Garden City Scooters. Small local club of scooter riders my son and I started. Eric and I keep most of the local scooters running in our spare time. Good clean fun the whole family have. Fifties, Twisties and Shifties that’s us.

    1. Excellent! I love my Vespa. I wanted an oldie when I was younger but ended up with a brand new model (moving up from a Yamaha 125). I plan to get some more photos up just ’cause I like it so much after adding some chrome and such. I can’t imagine needing another bike. I live in about the worst place in North America to ride due to high winds, dust, and inattentive truck drivers but it gets me around. I hope to make a couple longer trips on it in the coming year. If I get back to your neck of the woods I’ll definitely look you up.

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