Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter

I received an advance copy of Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter when I went to my post office box today.  I have been thumbing through it all all evening, looking at the photos and pondering the meaning of Shelter.

Maybe the tides of change are subtle in the beginning.  But I never thought I would be part of a movement when I began to sketch out plans for a tiny, mobile shelter for myself almost ten years ago.  I am honored to be included amongst these great constructions in Lloyd Khan’s newest book about Tiny Homes.  I am awed and inspired by so many great approaches to scaling back from the obnoxious sprawling but soulless houses of the last few decades.

The photos are beautiful and the layout is very well thought out.  Like all the Shelter Publications, it will become an important and classic work to those of us outside the mainstream.  Tiny Houses my be the flavor of the month to the media at the moment but will always be important to real people in need of real shelter.

And to keep up-to-date on interesting architecture, skateboarding, good music, and a host of other interesting topics, check in to Lloyd’s Blog from time-to-time.

2 thoughts on “Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter

    1. Everything Lloyd has done is great! Shelter was a great inspiration to me years ago. When Home Work came out I realized he was still writing stuff and have been really impressed by the last two books. They get better and better. I will be reading your blog with great interest. I welcome comments and criticisms on anything here as well. Good luck!

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