The best laid plans …

Everything has to begin with a plan, whether its in your head or on paper depends on the complexity and steps required.  While going through some old notebooks from the last few years I came across some early sketches of the vardo in progress.

I know it’s not a great sketch and didn’t scan particularly well but gives an idea of an early stage in the evolution of the caravan as it is now.  I kept some very strict size constraints but definitely increased the height from the early incarnations.  I did not waste the time making an exact blueprint of the caravan as I didn’t see a need.  I also wanted to keep the design flexible and open to change along the way after getting a feel for the space.

Click the image to access more sketches or link here.

4 thoughts on “The best laid plans …

  1. I love examining the creative process. Every plan that is dismissed is an important step toward a successful finished product. It would be fascinating seeing what Frank Lloyd Wright or John G. Alden threw away during their design process.

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