Shoemaker’s Toolbox W.I.P.

Lunch-time post:

I began working on a shoemaker’s toolbox this weekend.  It’s based on an eighteenth century design but probably goes back further.  It will have leather “pockets” for the awls and some long tools.  The difference between this and a carpenter’s box is in the upright storage to keep the tools very handy.  The box I based it on can be found here:

No complicated joinery other than the half mortises for the handle.  The sides are off still to tack in the leather pockets.  The original was nailed together but mine uses wood screws (brass).  Material is red oak with a walnut handle.  More to follow.

4 thoughts on “Shoemaker’s Toolbox W.I.P.

  1. Nice looking tool box. Simple and practical. I am tempted by this one too…So many things, so little time! But I am sorting out my leather work at the moment, and I am geting some real nice italian leather tomorrow!! Some of it may well go into that pair of leather shoes! Where does one get those lovely awls?

    1. I’m no expert but have learned from real shoemakers that a shoemaker is either a “shoemaker” or a “cordwainer” and a cobbler is a shoe repairman or in an earlier sense a shoe re-builder. So… I am aspiring to be the former, not just a repairman.

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