Finish the Left, Start the Right

The left, as it is, finished.  A great learning project.  The pattern making is slowly improving.

Stitching down the sole.

Turning the upper.

Drying before finishing the upper.  Next will be attaching the outer sole and heel.

2 thoughts on “Finish the Left, Start the Right

  1. Hi I would love to know how u figure out the pattern ? I’m trying to figure out a boat shoe pattern but I’ve never done this before I’m a little baffled? any tips hints?
    what thickness of leather did u use in these? and what did u use for the outer sole? sorry for all the questions 🙂

    1. I’m still trying to learn about pattern making. I’m not good enough to give much advice there. Just winging it for now. What I have learned tells me to keep it tighter around the heel and instep than seems intuitive but add quite a bit at the toe. Maybe you could cut apart an old pair of shoes for a pattern?

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