Yucca Sandals

Some new yucca fiber sandals.  One narrow leaf yucca, after processing, will easily yield one large pair of sandals and straps.  Ethnographically and archaeologically, we know this type was worn in northern Mexico, the American southwest, and California.  After wearing these and the plaited style, I think the loose fiber provides more padding for rough terrain and better protection against most thorns.

I still prefer my bison rawhide sandals for running and walking.  They provide more protection against sharp rocks and thorns.  However, the yucca are extremely quiet, especially on hard ground, and much easier to procure than bison.

This is a link to other shoes and sandals I have experimented with.  I will get more up in time.

One thought on “Yucca Sandals

  1. Beautiful! I love seeing items made by hand from nature. Its amazing what we can make from the natural materials around us. Thanks for sharing!

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