New Bow

Finished a new bow as a gift.  An unusual Osage orange wood that didn’t have the yellow-orange pigmentation.  I am only certain that it is Osage since I cut it down myself.  This is the first bow from the tree.  It doesn’t seem quite as hard as regular Osage (but still very dense) and took a minor set after a couple days shooting.  Otherwise it is a sweet bow.  Fast but fairly smooth at a draw weight about 35# @ 28″.  Made for a teenage shooter.

Bows are very difficult to photograph but this one shows a nice curve to the tiller that maybe another enthusiast can appreciate.

The stave has a little kink to it and a slight “S” twist end-to-end centering the string at the mid-point.  Construction is basically a traditional English target longbow design with a low “D” cross-section.

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