Letting Go of Accomplishments

George Crawford:

headerThis goes against the grain of what so may of us are taught, but it says so much.

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In our morning manager’s meeting the other day we had to go around the room and tell of our greatest accomplishments. I pondered and then stammered briefly about being able to let go of what people think of me. At first the question raised some insecurity in me. Had I accomplished enough by the age of 50? By whose standards? People mentioned their degrees, job titles, and owning homes. All I could think was how little any of that mattered to me. Goals are great and getting an education or a dream job is always a positive thing of course but I found myself looking beyond all of that. I remembered when my mother died. She was a great woman that was loved by many in her community as well as her family. She had a bookshelf full of self help books though, that showed her insecurities. How could such…

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A perfect rolling home.

And a place for everything!

Bundesarchiv. Bild 183-1987-1002-510 Foto 1 November 1922.

Bundesarchiv. Bild 183-1987-1002-510 Foto 1 November 1922.

The details here are remarkable including the decorative framing around the windows and planter boxes … with plants!  I believe this sits on solid rubber teeth-rattling tires.  You can probably tell from the caption but this is apparently from Germany in 1922.  I wish I knew what the function of the trailer was; workshop, spare bedroom, animals, kitchen?

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Tennis Racquet Ukulele

Another project for the budding luthier.


Source: Tennis Racquet Ukulele

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NW Workbench-Progress 2-Complete

Yes, yes.  Just another workbench right?  A project like this is really building a legacy and an optimistic foundation for a future full of successful projects.

Greg Merritt completed his wonderful workbench and posted it online.  People like me are vicariously building in our minds, thanks to internet voyeurism, when reality does not allow for our own projects.  If and when I ever settle somewhere and get to have a real shop again, this project is likely to be the first on the list.  Have a look.

Source: NW Workbench-Progress 2-Complete

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A Sunday Musical Meditation

A little Hindustani Guitar played by Manish Pingle, a remarkable musician by any standard.  Enjoy!

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