Old Cargo Trailer

One thought on “Old Cargo Trailer

  1. Does anyone know a website or book with details on the building of small gypsy wagon/trailers? I am wondering what are the preferred weight capacities and design particulars of the basic trailer base. Luck for me we have a local, large trailer parts company, with a wide range of axles, wheels, springs and other equipment, to choose from! But I would like to know thoughts and design suggestions for the weight rating for single axle trailers to use as the building base. YUm… I can smell the wood already.

    This has really grabbed my fancy… Years back I had a Chevy Step Van that I had a ball converting into a prairie schooner. My kiddos and I had many wonderful trips deep into the beauty of natural America. We lived in the French Quarter, which was charming but the nature treks into the mountains, lakesides and deep forests brought a beautiful balance to life.

    Good Fortune to all, in your exploration of this fine adventure and lifestyle.

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