Walls going up

7 thoughts on “Walls going up

  1. This is very cool and very reminiscent of something I’ve been planning for a while. I’m inspired and hope to start soon. Like all the other stuff on the Paleotool blog too.

    Quick question… Just wondering why you chose 1/4″ T & G for the sides? Was it just for weight reduction?

    1. Thanks. Completely about weight. Just as many of the very old models were canvas sided, I felt that as long as the structure was sound that the skin could be thin. I am enough of a pessimist that I had a plan B and C for this if it seemed too flimsy. The outside and inside wood battens could be used to attach another layer to in the event I choose to insulate or just want more strength in the wall. I have tried to explain the plan on the Instructable page here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Building-a-Gypsy-Wagon/

      1. Not yet… I live in a very dry climate and my old utility trailer was untreated except for a coat of oil paint. After looking into other people’s options, I think I will eventually coat with something. My fear is that some undercoatings could trap moisture between the wood and coating whereas now it can dry out. As a note, the sub-floor is exterior fir plywood.

  2. How did you determine the radius of the curve for the roof? Have I missed where you’ve gone over that? BTW your vardo has become an inspiration for me to build one for my wife.

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