Another Early Bicycle

“Any Boy can learn himself to ride in a few hours…” I am a fan of cycling and have a special place in my heart for the old contraptions from the early days.  Based on the enormous price, the one pictured below must have been a rich kid’s toy.  According to the Bureau of Labor […]

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Table Saw 1889

A circular saw is a tool which no workman who has once seen it at work would care to be without, for it is a labour-saving tool of the first importance, and enables its owner to do many things with an amount of ease, exactness, precision, and rapidity that cannot be attained with saws actuated […]

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How About Some Lovely Cod Liver Oil?

The second two claims are informative; “It is almost as palatable as milk” and “It does not nauseate or produce loathing for food…”  This makes one wonder how bad the other healthy oils were. Advertisements

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Interesting Saw

  From 1889.  I like the combination handsaw, square, and 2 foot ruler.  Great idea. Advertisements

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Tool Cabinet Extrordinaire

Turning saw, rasp, mechanic’s saw, panel saw, chisels, brace and bits, scratch awl, pliers, screwdrivers, dividers, bevel gauge, square, spokeshave, calipers, marking gauge, plane, vice, and workbench; all in a fancy tool chest.  Wow. Advertisements

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Kerosene is Here to Stay

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Stanley Tool Plan

Popular Mechanics, 1927 At least the son looks like he was allowed to loosen his tie! Advertisements

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