The Micro Airstream Bike Camper

Paul Elkins seems to be quite an inventor and a talented Maker.  Here is an ingenious and practical shelter he created that weighs only 45 pounds (20 kg). Tiny indeed but I love the low profile.  Wind resistance is everything with human power. Great combination of high and low visibility here.  Automobile drivers are the […]

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Cycle Teardrop Design

How cool is this?  I don’t think it was actually built but still a cool idea.  From Popular Science.  The 1930s saw a lot of vehicular innovation. Clicking either image will get you to the source. Advertisements

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Novel Camping Trailer Opens Into Comfortable Quarters

Originally posted on Retrorambling:
A novel camping trailer has been produced in London which is hailed with delight by lovers of the outdoors because of the comfort it provides. The trailer, compact when closed, is attached to the rear of the automobile by a device which makes it ride easily with a minimum of side…

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