The New Fitness Craze; thoughts from 1914

THE PHYSICAL CULTURE PERIL And how the nation may easily be saved from it. An essay by P. G. Wodehouse May 1914. Images added by G. Crawford. Physical culture is in the air just now. Where, a few years ago, the average man sprang from bed to bath and from bath to breakfast-table, he now … Continue reading The New Fitness Craze; thoughts from 1914

Some P.G. Wodehouse

Some thoughts about the perils of vanity printed in (where else?) Vanity Fair 1914. I have added an essay under the "WORDS" page from one of my favorite authors, P.G. (Plum Good) Wodehouse.  It's just over a hundred years old but applicable today.  It concerns the obsession with Physical Culture and vanity and his take … Continue reading Some P.G. Wodehouse