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Here's another fine read and almost too much reality from Paul Seller's blog. First off I didn’t want to edit this letter down because of the individuality it expresses. So it’s long and worth reading. Hi Paul, I just turned eighteen, and for just over a year now… Source: An Answer for Today

Dovetail Instruction

Instructions from a real master craftsman.  I am completely hooked on dovetails and the timing for this couldn't be better.  This is a real class-like instructional video and I can hardly express my appreciation for his work.  It's over a half hour long but worth the watch. From the YouTube description: "The dovetail is the … Continue reading Dovetail Instruction

One Manifesto

Why we MAKE things. In a world where consumer goods have become cheap (in every sense) why bother creating something you could just go out and buy? I don’t know for sure, but it fills some need within myself to know that much of what I own or use was made by me or an actual craftsperson.

“But my own reasons for woodworking don’t have to do with the chance to work with quality tools, or even to produce quality work. I think what captures me is the opportunity to do something with my own hands.
When I see all the top of the line machines being put to use on some woodworking shows, I imagine that process taking me further away from feeling the wood being worked.”

Have a look at Wesley’s post and follow it over to Paul Sellers’ . They are both worth reading.

From Sellers’ blog:

“The quest for success was no longer how much I made but how I made and what I made and with what I made. Here I found peace as I sliced my handsaw down a long board and made rails for a clock. Here I found peace as I sharpened my chisels and carved wood until a tenon quietly emerged from chips on my benchtop. I understood the harmony of marriage when the tenon slid inside its mortise and the dovetails interlocked to marry for life.  I began to understand what dedication meant. “

A very small and random selection of the simple little things I’ve made from the past decade.  Nothing like Paul’s work but they are intimate to my soul as I know I made them.


If you don’t already follow Peter Sellers blog, I invite you to go read his most recent post, Lifting Your Spirits – Working With Your Own Hands!.

ManifestoI don’t know if he’d call it a manifesto, but that’s what I interpret it as.

I don’t consider this view to be my manifesto, either. What struck me while reading it was that all of us can choose to do woodworking for our own reasons. For me, the invasion of plastics doesn’t trouble me. The cheapness and inferiority of tools and things made with tools is what I don’t like.

My Veritas Carcass saws, with their “molded spine that incorporates stainless-steel powder for weight, glass fiber for stiffness, and an advanced polymer binder” backs, are great tools, in my opinion.

But my own reasons for woodworking don’t have to do with the chance to work with quality…

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