Magnetic Compass, a Gimme from an Iron-Rich Earth

Starting as a field scientist in the heady days when men were men and GPS was not available to common civilians, I learned my way around a compass pretty well.  I thought I knew something coming out of Boy Scouts but putting those skills to the test mile after mile in order to locate a …


Ostrich Egg Globe ca. 1500

From Discover Magazine online... Engraved Ostrich Egg Globe is Oldest to Depict the New World By Breanna Draxler | August 19, 2013 1:18 pm The first known globe to include the New World was recently found at a London map fair—an impressive 500 year survival for it being engraved into ostrich eggs. According to analysis …

Indigenous Intoxicants

An excellent map from Lapham's Quarterly concerning intoxicants of various types from around the world and a short history of cocaine: Lots of other good tidbits over there too.