Eclipse on the Vardo

Getting ready for the eclipse tomorrow?  MAKEzine has again linked to our little Vardo. We were fortunate to get a really neat lighting effect during the 2012 eclipse playing over our camp. Light coming through the trees created a pinhole effect focusing the eclipse in dozens of images as we were packing to leave. As […]

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Maker Faire 2012 Update

The Bay Area Maker Faire was bigger and more interesting than I thought possible.  I have rarely been so busy in my life as the eighteen or so hours I stood and talked about the Vardo.  There were many interesting and interested people who thoroughly examined every aspect of the wagon.  As it was built […]

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Maker Faire

Its almost surreal.  Somebody* is actually paying me money to drive the Vardo out to the Maker Faire in San Mateo next month.  Even with my old clunker truck, the small travel award will more than pay for the trip and I’ve been wanting to attend the Faire for several years now anyway, so his […]

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