The Stonebridge Folding Lantern

The Stonebridge Lantern; a classic, lightweight, packable candle lantern that was very popular once upon a time in the U.S.  The Stonebridge is an ingenious piece of design work as it folds almost perfectly flat for travel; like origami in tin.  Weighing in at only 11 ounces (.31 kilos) without a candle it’s a camp […]

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Edwardian Camp Equipment

This is a re-post from an earlier entry.  Say what you will about British imperial policy of the 19th and 20th centuries.  They certainly worked out minimalist travel with a fair amount of style and comfort on a very personal level.  These old catalogs give some great ideas for camp living. From The Army and […]

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Making Candles

I use beeswax for many purposes; as a base for wood polish, waterproofing leather, soap, & etc.  After a longish power-outage this summer, I realized my candle stock has been depleted over the last few years.  I foolishly bought some paraffin candles for cheap, but they have a horrific chemical scent.  Beeswax candles give off […]

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