The Making of a Cabinetmaker – Part I

Originally posted on Lost Art Press:
I took kindly to woodworking. In fact, I was brought up in the woods until I was seven years of age. During these first seven years of my life I saw my father only occasionally, for he was a cabinetmaker by trade and worked in a smart little town…

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Chuck Wagon Camp, New Mexico

A chuck wagon in camp in southeast New Mexico around A.D. 1900.  Photograph from the Carlsbad Museum and Art Center.  It’s a great image of a working camp.  Plains-Dwellers and Desert Rats take their shade seriously.   Advertisements

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From the New York Public Library Collections.  Access like this is what makes the internet truly great. Click the image to browse the collections. Advertisements

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Romans Loved the Celts

“Nearly all the Gauls (Celts) are of a lofty stature, fair and ruddy complexion: terrible from the sternness of their eyes, very quarrelsome, and of great pride and insolence.  A whole troupe of foreigners would not be able to withstand a single Gaul if he called his wife to his assistance who is usually very […]

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Heritage and Preservation

Originally posted on The Heritage Journal:
A guest post by Philip I. Powell. First published at, reproduced with permission. TOORMORE WEDGE TOMB RMP No. CO148-001 A colleague, on a recent visit to a wedge tomb in west Cork, was shocked to find it being used as an out-house, containing trash bins, old rubbish and strewn with litter.…

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The Wandering Wood Butcher’s Advice on Chests

Originally posted on Lost Art Press:
From WANDERING WOOD BUTCHER, Alexandria, La. In looking over the issue for December last, I noticed a plan of a tool chest furnished by “R. S. M.” of Dover, Mass., which is only one of many plans that have appeared in the paper during the past 20 years. These…

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Tanning from Diderot’s Encyclopedia 1769

Originally posted on Sifting The Past:
From the Encyclopedia of Sciences, Arts and Trades, Diderot and D’Alembert And you thought you had a tough job. Detail: workshop, work bench, hides, tanning, tanners, windows, open fire, grill, mules (shoes)

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Literature du jour

Appendix to the great western story Roughing It by Mark Twain, Published in 1872 and worth a read in these topsy-turvy times.  Maybe not 100% accurate but it is a commentary by a man who actually knew Brigham Young. Appendix. A. Brief Sketch of Mormon History. Mormonism is only about forty years old, but its […]

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