Camp Stoves: Optimus 80

Continuing on with the theme of admiration for the classic camp stoves, here is a visual overview of the Optimus 80 / Svea 71.  No, they are not exactly the same, but are very close and share virtually all the same features.  For those interested in the early history of the liquid fuel camping stove, have a look HERE.

The Oprtimus 80 stove.

The Optimus 80 stove.

How much simpler can this get?  It is essentially a repeat of the classic design in a slimmed down form.  It was designed to stand alone as a portable cooker with the carrying case serving as a pot support.

This beautiful stove pcks down in this nice little tin box.

This beautiful stove packs down in this nice little tin box.

I wasn’t really looking for one when found this on Ebay.  It has obviously seen very little use and the paint and tin plate are still in excellent condition.  I’m not a fanatical collector so when I bid on these things I tend to be pretty frugal.  I was fortunate to get this one for a very fair price.

The box opened for use.

The box opened for use.

A bit of oxidation is visible on the top and in the lid of the box but otherwise, this is a clean stove.  It fired up immediately and works extremely well.

Simmering along with a QuietStove insert.

Simmering along with a QuietStove insert.

I put a Quiet Stove flame spreader in this one and I think it makes it easier to cook on.  The flame is certainly a lot nicer and more controlled with this device.  They are a bit expensive but are certainly worth the cost if you are using an Optimus-style stove on a regular basis.


Check them out.