A Couple More Medieval Tools

When I say Medieval…

The pump drill goes way back in time.  At least into Dynastic Egypt and probably well beyond.  Drills like these are made from perishable materials so we only have the drill bits and generally do not know to what they were attached.  From and archaeological point of view, it’s a bit like trying to decipher a battle by looking at the spent bullets.

75-Amb-2-317-5-v.tifAgain, this one is from 1425.  The caption says he is a vingerhuter which I think would now mean thimble-maker.  Any help with this will be appreciated.  These things look more like wine strainers or little colanders to me.  Anyway, the important part to see is the awesome pump-drill and the small block on which he is working.

The next image is a stone mason at work.  I’m not a stone worker myself but I’m intrigued by a couple of his tools.

75-Amb-2-317-4-r.tifNot only does he have nice square and template but is sitting near his sighting level.  In the days before spirit levels, this involved a little plummet hung in an arc on a straight edge.  A bit like a sophisticated winding stick.  Oddly enough, no dividers are visible to round out the trio of masonic symbolism.