Soldier’s Joy, Saturday Morning Music

Enjoy a little fiddle music to start the weekend off right.  I’m stuck with snow and ice and little outdoor work is appealing today.

Woody, Pete, and Some Hand-Made Music


Woody Guthrie (fiddle) with Pete Seeger (banjo).

“What are ears? What is Time? that this particular series of sounds called a strain of music, … can be wafted down through the centuries from Homer to me, and he have been conversant with that same aerial and mysterious charm which now so tingles my ears? What a fine communication from age to age, of the fairest and noblest of thoughts, the aspirations of ancient men, even such as were never communicated by speech!”  Henry David Thoreau.

One of Woody Guthrie's final performances before the onset of Huntington's Chorea. Back to his fiddling roots.

One of Woody Guthrie’s final performances before the onset of Huntington’s Chorea. Back to his fiddling roots.  Photographs by Leonard Rosenberg.

More images from this session can be seen HERE.