More Joinery

Here’s a beautiful trestle table coming together in Andy Rawls’ studio; spotted on his Tumblr this morning.

trestleSeeing this makes me realize I can’t wait to get some projects done over the three day weekend.  It makes me a little sad to say something like that.  Choosing a job for pay instead of a love for what you do every day.  Of course, the grass always looks greener…

dovetailtressleThis will be one solid table and will last for ages if treated well.  This kind of craftsmanship has slipped away from most of our daily lives.  You won’t find this at a big chain furniture store.  Have a look at more of his remarkable work by clicking the link below.


More on the Dovetail Theme

dovetailGraham Haydon of the Joiner’s Workbench shows a fun experiment while showing off his new dovetail saw from Skelton Saws.  Graham joins a couple 1 x 6’s in three minutes and does a pretty good job of it.  This is what I imagine some apprentice doing back in the pre-industrial era when he’s showing off his newly mastered skills to the master or a shop rival.  There is no real point for the speed other than to demonstrate how little time and effort is really necessary to form a traditional wood joint.  This is definitely upping my interest in perfecting traditional joinery.


Dovetail Instruction

Instructions from a real master craftsman.  I am completely hooked on dovetails and the timing for this couldn’t be better.  This is a real class-like instructional video and I can hardly express my appreciation for his work.  It’s over a half hour long but worth the watch.

From the YouTube description:

“The dovetail is the essential box joint. It is the strongest way to join two pieces of wood at the corner. Although there are many variations on a theme with this joint mastering the most simple form is the most difficult and important step.

To find out more about Paul Sellers and the project he is involved with visit”


Interesting things are afoot…

Some aged fir being integrated into a new portable workbench.

Some aged fir being integrated into a new portable workbench.  No longer having a proper work bench, the table saw becomes the focus of the little shop.  Flat surface, sturdy place to clamp, it does the trick.  Yes, that is blood from a chisel nick. 

First dovetail on the saw bench.  A little experiment.

First dovetail on the saw bench. A little experiment in my free time.