There is Enough: Books

What are we seeking in the “Self Help” section of the bookstore? Does it help or is it just something more to purchase and put on the shelf? Here’s a good little post from

Becoming a Minimalist

Becoming a minimalist involves convincing ourselves of just one thing.

There is enough.

Marketing would have us believe that we will never be enough or have enough. A recent trip to the thrift store revealed that there is a book out there to cure every problem we could possibly drum up. It made me MAD.

I stopped buying books about how to fix my image. As a woman I struggled for a time letting go of fashion and then it didn’t matter. I realized that people simply don’t pay that much attention to what others wear unless it’s outlandish. No one has really noticed that I stopped wearing makeup and quit coloring my hair. I didn’t give up on taking care of myself. Instead I drink more water, exercise, and eat a plant-based diet high in nutrients. I glow.  So books about losing weight, exercise, or fashion don’t exist for…

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Let Go of the Things that Do Not Matter

"We live in an age when unnecessary things are our only necessities." — Oscar Wilde I'm not one for New Year resolutions.  However, it is a time of reflection and I'm glad for the progress I have made in decluttering my life and prioritizing what truly matters over the past few years.  Maybe 2016 is …