Raw and Gritty, Real Blues is Alive and Well

And this is just one facet of this all American genre.

“The blues used to be dangerous, then it got packaged into an adult contemporary box and organized into TAB charts. Luckily, nobody has passed any laws demanding pure traditionalism. I’d rather be a blues liar.

You are more than a guitarist. You are a musician, a creative force. You have the right to take several opposing styles or influences, feed them into the Veg-O-Matic of your mind and come up with something totally unique. If people accuse you of straying from the fold, be proud. Be bold. Create your own freak flag and wave it high.”

Shane Speal, Guitar World

And if that raw power isn’t enough, here’s Ben Rouse happily jamming out his own arrangement of Kashmir from Led Zeppelin on his Cigar Box Guitar.

Hooray for the open tuning handmade music revival.  I like where this is taking us.