Took the new arrows out for a little shooting last night.  The bodkins are too much for the lightweight straw bales I have right now.  The arrows shoot very straight and true but pass through the bales as if they weren’t even there.  At least with broadheads you get some drag as they cut the […]

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Bamboo Arrows, part 2

The next step to make these sticks into arrows is to fletch them.  To make fletchings, good feathers must be selected.  I am using some goose wing feathers given to me by a friend.  I cut a template from Bristol board to serve as a template so that all the fletchings are the same size […]

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Bamboo Arrows, part 1

Arrows have been much on my mind lately after seeing how ratty some of mine have become.  I was intending to start with a set of British longbow style arrows but having received some beautiful arrow bamboo (Pseudosasa japonica I think), I changed plans to suit the new material.  I have never used this myself […]

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