Learning from Masters (not me, just what I seek)

Using archaeology to find out hows things "should be" done?  A response to a common question, by George Thomas Crawford I am regularly asked about my connection to archaeology and my interest in primitive technology.  I've also been chided by some people in the primitive tech community on behalf of other archaeologists because they (archaeologists) … Continue reading Learning from Masters (not me, just what I seek)

Rancho La Brea Photo Album

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Recent travels allowed for a quick visit to the Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits.  Now in their one hundredth year of excavation, the site has yielded over 600 species to date with a NISP of over 3.5 million (not counting over 200 bacteria).  It’s a remarkable place and I feel privileged to to have been given an excellent tour by Dr John Harris and Curator Gary Takeuchi.  Tar still bubbles and oozes and excavations continue, thanks in part to continuing growth of this highly urbanized area.

Although most of the tar seeps are closed off for safety, a couple can be accessed with a guide.  The surface is just as deceptive as it is described and is often covered with leaves and dirt.  The tar can also be deceptively solid feeling until the incredible stickiness locks your feet to the tar.  Dr Harris provided a great…

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Why Anthropology?

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As this question has come up about half a dozen times in the past few weeks, maybe I need to address it, if not for the inquisitors, at least for myself.

When people ask “Why did you become and archaeologist?”  is it wrong to say “It’s better than a real* job”?  For some people that makes total sense, for others, they think “WHA…!? you don’t make real money doing that!”  It’s tough to make the argument that you want to be educated and have knowledge for knowledge’s sake in a world that equates education to vocational training with the sole aim of making money.  If you are that type of person then please go no further here.  I would suggest you go read Forbes and try banking or insurance as a career.

The real answer as to why I am an archaeologist is, of course, more complicated than that.  First…

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