I took this photo about two years ago. It is an amazing and enormous caterpillar on a willow shoot. It was longer than my finger and I think it is a Luna Moth.


More Work Horses

Here are more shaving (work) horses. I wish I had photos of my first horse. I liked it well enough but I made it short to fit cross-ways in a narrow truck. These are some better and later models... A shiny new horse. Hickory arm and head, poplar cross-stretchers. Adjustable tilt table. Another new horse. …

Basketmaker Style Spearthrower

Finished a new atlatl this morning. Created from a scrap of Osage Orange wood. The style is a generalized Basketmaker but a bit heavier than some. It has no weight attached yet but I will probably make one just for the "tradition". It throws well; even with my heavy Clovis-style darts.