Walking Shoes

  My new walking shoes.  Simple stitch-down design weighing in at about 14 oz (0.4 kg) each.  The leather is Hermann Oak 2/3 oz for the uppers and 12 oz (I think) for the mid-sole and out-sole.  There is also a double layer stacked heel that has a thin rubber layer on the bottom. They … Continue reading Walking Shoes

Shoemaker’s Toolbox W.I.P.

Lunch-time post: I began working on a shoemaker's toolbox this weekend.  It's based on an eighteenth century design but probably goes back further.  It will have leather "pockets" for the awls and some long tools.  The difference between this and a carpenter's box is in the upright storage to keep the tools very handy.  The … Continue reading Shoemaker’s Toolbox W.I.P.