Project: Buckskin Bags

To aid in downsizing our worldly possessions (and tons of raw materials), I initiated the buckskin bag project.  The goal is to produce as many little beauties as possible while experimenting and learning new techniques.

This is the first run of bags, which still require embellishments, closures, and neck straps.  More to come…

3 thoughts on “Project: Buckskin Bags

  1. Jennie here

    How about I trade you alexander and follansbee Make a Joint Stool from a Tree for a bag when you add closure an straps. The book is about 17C rived oak joinery a hitherto lost craft for centuries. Could I impose and request no decoration?


    1. Jennie,

      Those are made by my partner, Stacey, but I think she might be interested. If you see one in the photos you particularly like, let me know. Otherwise, wait a week or two and we will post a bunch more as they are being made daily.


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