Butchering Roadkill

Gutted, opened up overnight and most of a cool day, the process begins.

A gift from our sheriff’s department and game warden.  A pair were hit in front of the house but were in good shape.  I took one and the driver took the other.

The hide was pulled off, not cut. This ensures a good product for brain tanning.  The blood and bruising here are the result of the car wreck.  This part is usually bloodless.

Most of the left side was in good shape. The rest was cooked lightly and saved for the dogs. They will eat like queens for weeks.

9 thoughts on “Butchering Roadkill

  1. While it is an absolute travesty that so many animals die from motor vehicles, to me, it is a moral imperative to make the most of the life that was lost, and to bring all usable parts of them forward into the world of the living.

  2. I’m glad to hear your allowed to get quality use out of a road kill. In some states that’s illegal and such a waste.
    Excellent site BTW. Came across your site via Instructables and the Vardo project.
    Keep on keeping!

  3. Wow, you try that in Washington (read as “South California’s twin brother”) state and they’ll nail you for poaching. Pretty damn sad that places are more interested in laws and rules than allowing people to salvage what would just lay there and rot.

    Reminds me of an incident in N Idaho. This one fishing lake had an invasive species of fish invade and the solution was to lace it with a chemical that prevented oxygen from dissolving in the water, essentially suffocating the fish. They began washing up on the shore and when the locals came out to collect them, the lovely fish and wildlife department threatened them with poaching fines if they didn’t drop and leaving them on where they were. Hundreds of pounds of fish rotted on that lake shore because of bureaucracy. So not only did all that good meat go to waste, but it created a health hazard and made the place stink so bad that no one could stomach going there for over two months.

    Also reminds me of what happened in the north east once too. There was an explosion in the deer population, which needed badly thinned. Hunters started showing up to help take care of the problem, but instead of allowing them to harvest so many head each, the fish and game department told them to go home. Know who was sent in? They send in some team of “specialists”, whom they hired on taxpayer money, to cull the heard. Then every deer they killed was thrown into a mass grave and buried. So not only did the meat go to waste, but it cost the taxpayers almost four times what it would have if had let the local hunters do it.

    But that’s how it’s becoming in the new Jolly Old England.

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