Butchering Roadkill

Gutted, opened up overnight and most of a cool day, the process begins.

A gift from our sheriff’s department and game warden.  A pair were hit in front of the house but were in good shape.  I took one and the driver took the other.

The hide was pulled off, not cut. This ensures a good product for brain tanning.  The blood and bruising here are the result of the car wreck.  This part is usually bloodless.

Most of the left side was in good shape. The rest was cooked lightly and saved for the dogs. They will eat like queens for weeks.


7 Responses to Butchering Roadkill

  1. The Pal Guy says:

    Well, other people might not like this but i have seen this many times and i get venison off a friend sometimes.

  2. blindripper23 says:

    This is a great great site!

  3. SFIII says:

    While it is an absolute travesty that so many animals die from motor vehicles, to me, it is a moral imperative to make the most of the life that was lost, and to bring all usable parts of them forward into the world of the living.

  4. 3dWulf says:

    I’m glad to hear your allowed to get quality use out of a road kill. In some states that’s illegal and such a waste.
    Excellent site BTW. Came across your site via Instructables and the Vardo project.
    Keep on keeping!

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