I’m Back Baby! – Well, sort of…

Machinist shop – Mike Savad

I’m working on getting the leather and wood shop back up and running while working a part-time day job.  The recovery from injury is slow and frustrating but I can start doing some things now.  While doing some weekend reading, I came across this fine quote by Drucker.

“There is surely nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency what should not be done at all.”

~ Peter Drucker Managing for Business Effectiveness, 1963 p. 53.


4 Replies to “I’m Back Baby! – Well, sort of…”

  1. Sorry you had an injury, but it is great to see you back. You seem like you make or improve something at least once a day. I must say I am impressed. I am learning to make arrows, but my time with the Flintlock takes up a good bit of time. It is going slowly, but surely towards the final product.

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