A reader recently sent a link to a very interesting wagon builder’s website.  I found this a while back but didn’t bookmark the page so I appreciate someone sending me the link again.

This is a very familiar design but they chose to face the door forward just like the old horse drawn models.

They produce so many varieties I won’t be able to them justice here so I have selected a small sample of the stuff I like.

A lived-in interior.  That's when they start to show their soul.
A lived-in interior. That’s when they start to show their soul.  Notice the cute little vardo model on the shelf?  And is that a mailbox on the door?

The interiors are spartan and functional.  I’m happy to see that they still include a real wood stove in most models.

This one faces aft.

This could be a fine option if you are in Europe and wish to purchase a ready-made living wagon.  The options seem to be endless.

They even build sauna models. Who wouldn’t want a friend who owns one of these?

Even event vendors have the option for a classic look.

Sleeping options.
Sleeping options.

If you are looking for design inspiration or wish to buy, I suggest spending some time on their extensive website.  The photos alone will keep you busy for hours.


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