Bikes and Me

I miss cycling.  I was more than an avid bicyclist and even considered it my main mode of transportation during much of my eight short years in college.  Where I live now, it is in no way conducive to regular cycling.  People are homicidal  in their trucks, the dust bowl sucks, my job makes me drive around too much and other excuses.  I never thought I’d miss the freedom of riding and walking as much as I do.  My Vespa sometimes fills this void but it’s not the same.  You see so much more on a bike than in a car.

Any move I make in the future will hopefully include a time and a place to walk or ride.  Anyway, I’m determined to get back to cycling and here is my new look:


Image from Blackwood and Brass

I just have to get to work on the leather bags now.


7 thoughts on “Bikes and Me

  1. I think you need the jodhpurs too! (Had to look up the spelling on that)
    Can you off-road bike where you are?
    That guy must have been an early hipster, he’s riding a fixie.
    The leather bags/ boxes are seriously cool, though.

    • Yeah, some. I’m mostly road biking it and mostly when I’m traveling in nicer places. I might even sell the old mountain bike someday and stick to the comfort bike. I do want to make those bags though.

  2. Old Tool Man, Sir!

    I miss my Vespa. I miss the peaceful 25 miles a day going to and from our country school on a heavy Schwinn bicycle. But my old man’s tricycle days are here now, with an electric assist! My stable of Whizzers and Beemers and such have new people to fawn over them.

    You are THE MAN through whom I live vicariously now, reliving days of sawdust and sparks. Fortunately your skills more than match the puffed-up embellishments that my memory serves. Oh well.

    Walter Mitty may have been a happy man, but last year I got to carve and sand to 4,000 grit mirror, my hickory shillelagh, my big stick for walking, and to burnish it with orange oil, bees’ and carnauba waxes, and a quick rub with a home-grown jalapeño for good luck.

    There are jalapeños for me to can and garlic growing in my clay pots. There are fog horns at night warning mariners, my childhood’s lullaby.

    And there is you maintaining my faith in people. Good work. Thank you…..

    • That’s great to hear. I don’t really know what to say but “thank you”. Luckily for me, the weather is nice enough this week the Vespa is back out without being a misery, the dust isn’t too bad in this great drought, and I’m seriously emptying out all my unnecessary possessions. Considering how bad things seem sometimes, they really are okay.

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