A Feast of Gers

I save images from around the internet to serve as references and inspirations for projects and dreams.  I have wanted to build a yurt (ger) for many years now but never quite seem to get around to it.  Other projects spring up and I’m not desperate for housing but it is still something floating out there on the edge of my mind.  While looking through images, mostly from Tumblr and Flickr, I thought I would share some traditional  images I’ve found because I’ll bet I’m not the only one interested.  Prior to the internet, I remember very few people knowing what these were unless you were into Asian culture or alternative dwellings, but now they seem to have a great following again.  To me, they are a sensible dwelling with very low impact on the earth, can pack down small enough to haul all over the country, yet provide a spacious, weatherproof habitation.  If they are constructed of all natural materials there will be little trace when they are abandoned and nothing to overflow the landfills.  All of these images are reposted from elsewhere but I have tried to link them to the source where I found them when possible.






smallyurt2 smallyurt

dryingon the roof

Between the villages of Olgi and Altai in Mongolia
Between the villages of Olgi and Altai in Mongolia



More good photos at the link.
More good photos at the link.




yurtinalandscapetumblr_m5by2hR4D51rq8279o1_400Herder family moving their ger by truck Bayan Olgii Mongolia

More good photos at this link.

roof and liner


Beautiful.  I love the cart.
Beautiful. I love the cart.


I’ll add more when I get the time.  Looking at the details fires up my urge to craft a yurt of my own.

5 thoughts on “A Feast of Gers

  1. Hi George– my gypsy trailer is coming along and I can sit in it out of the rain now. I too am very interested in yurts and found a great book awhile back called “Yurts- Living in the Round” by Becky Kemery, Gibbs Smith publisher. Lots of pics of historical and current Gers in Asia as well as current versions from the U.S. and U. K. There’s even some plans. Highly recommended. We’ll be waiting to see what you come up with… Tim

    1. Thanks. I’ve heard of this but haven’t purchased it yet. I have the Yurt Handbook, good instructions and several others that include yurts. There was very little I could find 10-15 years ago. Might have to be my project for the coming year.

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