Selk’nam (Ona) Yah

A beautiful photo of arrows from the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego.  Collected in the early 20th century.

Wonderful sinew wrappings, glass points, and clay pigments.

And the nice little bow that accompanies them.



7 thoughts on “Selk’nam (Ona) Yah

  1. The points are quite spectacular , the light box photo, and the symmetry just sets it off. I have not worked with sinew. Want to try it. Lately, I built a 70″ flat bow, pyramid,2″ wide. Oak. Now the arrow making begins. I am trying bamboo shafts, I make points from 1″ bandsaw blades.these images help with design, and inspiration, thanks!

      1. That’s ok , this is just part of a process I’m working through.
        But at least you didn’t say I was crazy.
        When I have specifics to ask , then I will ask , things are a little vague at the moment

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