The Salsbury Super-Scooter

An old add for the Salsbury Super-Scooter from ca. 1947. Click the picture to see some more old scooter adds.

I searched around for more about the Super-Scooter.  It was pretty mod for the time.  The design looks like something from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.  The fairing seems to be heavy or rubberized cloth and there is an optional rear seat.  I think this must be the earliest “trunk” in a scooter I’ve ever seen.

The design seems a little rear-heavy for me but was a cutting-edge machine at the time.  They must be loved because I had no problem finding a slew of them on the web.


2 thoughts on “The Salsbury Super-Scooter

  1. If its vintage is the 1940’s or 1950’s I would bet the fairing is the same as the Cushman and that would be all steel and heavy. I could lift mine off but I could not throw it. I know , I tried in a fit of anger and all I did was fall down with it on top of me. From the looks of the layout it is a good bet that some of the parts would fit a Cushman. I finally ditched the fairing and sat on a board on the cylinder head of the 5 hp engine. Those were pretty interesting times.
    I ended up with a lighter weight tubular fairing just before buying a BSA Bantam for 10 bucks. That was a real motorcycle but if I had a choice of which I could have now it would be the scooter.

    1. I could see it was cloth or cloth-like and here’s the answer I got from the Salsbury Scooter Club:
      “The cloth “wind pants” fairing was made of a maroon colored vinyl impregnated cloth called Naugahyde. I do not yet have an original set of the wind pants but I am working on one set I measured and made a pattern from in 2000. We have a number of original seats which used the same “leatherette” covering.”

      I suspect it wouldn’t age well in the southern California sun.

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