Butter, it is good for you (really)



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4 Responses to Butter, it is good for you (really)

  1. Oldfool says:

    You mean That’s not true? I love butter.

  2. Oldfool says:

    Agreed. We keep no Oleo (margarine) in this house. We cook with butter, lard, olive oil mostly but we also use other non-man-made oils and fats when called for (I have never seen a canola plant and nobody wanted anything to do with it when it was known by its real name Rapeseed and was made into machine oil ). I try not to buy soybean oil because of the prevalence of GMO soy beans. Natural butter is a health food but I don’t know about it since Big Food has modified the milk so much. Lard is another much maligned product that has been given a black eye so that the public will buy man-made products that come in a colorful plastic package with ingredients that I can’t pronounce.
    Sorry I didn’t mean to go into the lecture mode.

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