Sandals in Progress

My new sandals in progress.  These are a lot more work than I would have thought but I really think they are coming out great.  I have made several pair in the past but have since done a lot more research into design, and construction.  The sole is three layers as made since at least the classical Roman period.  The parts consist of an insole (medium weight oak tan leather), mid-sole to allow tunneling the straps through, and an outer sole, in this case, leather.   The straps are 48″ per foot plus the heel yoke.

More to come soon.

3 thoughts on “Sandals in Progress

  1. I made sandals back in the ’60’s and used auto tires for the sole. Then steel belted radials came along. Imagine the surprisde hippy when he tried to slice one of those up. I moved on to all leather.
    I currently have a good pair of sandals going on their third year but I am looking to the future when they will be worn out.

    • I found out a few years ago that the sidewalls of most steel belted radials still work. I have been learning form the younger hippie generation to use old bicycle tires glued to leather.

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